Jeff has been performing art for the last 20 years, both nationally and internationally. He enjoys the bicycle, the hammer, the saw, the wood, his wife and son, his family, his friends, his work. (…except sometimes he doesn’t enjoy these things as much; it depends.) He is the son and grandson of far more practical people, which he tries to express in his art. His mother often thought he should stop getting naked in front of people and privately he thinks she is probably right; and something about death.

Jeff doesn’t think he has received any awards. Yet. However, he is watching his mailbox/inbox (you CAN email him), eagerly awaiting any awards anyone wants to send his way.

Jeff has been very lucky lately and has been able to travel quite a bit to perform. In the last few years he has worked in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Scotland, China, and Canada, in addition to festivals and events here in the US: Boston, Salt Lake City, NC, NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles. In addition, he is involved in a publishing project, a peer-reviewed journal on Performance called which he co-founded with a good friend and SMFA alum, Natalie Loveless, who is about 1000 times more badass than he is.

Jeff received his BFE (1999) and MFA (2004) from the Museum School, Boston.

It has been said that you are only as good as your last performance, and Jeff’s last performance wasn’t as bad as it could have been.


Jeff Huckleberry



M.F.A., S.M.F.A./Tufts University

B.F.E., S.M.F.A./Tufts University
Areas of Specialization: Performance, Drawing, Sculpture, Video and Painting


Professional Experience
Part-Time Visiting Faculty, Performance, S.M.F.A., Boston

Visiting Faculty, Performance, S.M.F.A., Boston

Graduate Teaching Fellow, beginning, intermediate and advanced level
Performance classes, (instructor of record), S.M.F.A., Boston, MA

Instructor, Video, Pre-College Program, (instructor of record), S.M.F.A., Boston, MA

Teaching Assistant, Advanced Video Projects, Spring 2002, S.M.F.A., Boston, MA

Art Teacher, teaching fine arts and video production courses,
co-director of student one-act plays for regional competition, developed
curriculum for video department and participated in overall development
of arts department curriculum, Hamilton/Wenham Regional High School,
Hamilton, MA


Exhibitions, Screenings, Performances (collaborators indicated)

Untitled, Choosing to Portage, Tephra ICA, Reston, VA
Untitled, (Merry Fucking Christmas.), Salt Lake Performance Art Festival, Salt Lake City, UT
Untitled, Lakeville, CT
Untilted, MobiusLive!, Lilypad, Cambridge, MA

maybe something…

nothing…except not nothing; the bike shop and photos!

nothing…except the bike shop and the pandemic. Oh! Check out the photos though…

nothing…all bike shop all the time and a pandemic.

Bridge, (Hi, Mom!) Salt Lake Performance Art Festival, Salt Lake City, UT
No ideas, Broad Sense, Marshall, NC

Move across the country and start a fancy bicycle shop, Del Mar, CA

Garden #2, Performance Art Week, Venice, IT
Broken(f), SAIC,Chicago, IL
Little Witches, Mobius, Boston, MA

Rainbow, Gatineau, Quebec
Split, Le Lieu, Quebec City, Quebec
Garden, Chicoutimi, Quebec
A Nose and Some Grass, Foligno, IT (Sandy Huckleberry)

A Nose and Two Bricks, Live Art Festival, Dublin, Ireland (Sandy Huckleberry)
Purple, Mobuis, Boston, MA (Sandy Huckleberry)
Jeff Huckleberry – Things About Rainbows,
 Mills Gallery, Boston, MA (co-curated with Daniel Deluca) Featuring:
Alastair Mclennen, Sandra Johnson, James Luna, Marilyn Arsem, Vela 
Phelan, Sandy Huckleberry, Julie André T and Jamie McMurry
Indigo, Mobius, Boston, MA (Sandy Huckleberry)
TACTIC, JV, Toronto, CA (Vela Phelan)

The Possibilty of This Working is 0%, Out of Site, Chicago, IL
Untitled (rainbow #8), Live Art Action, Los Angeles, CA
Broken(e), Visualeyez Festival, Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada
POACH, Festival of Sound and Performance Art, Acton (Vela Phelan)
8th Rainbow, Crane Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA
Garden #1, Near Death Performance Art Experience, Boston
Expected Outcomes(First Fountain), REACH festival, Easthampton, MA
7th Rainbow, Pigs and Rabbits, National Art Gallery, Sopot, Poland

6th Rainbow, (Attempt at not being a walking fucking joke), 7a11d Performance Festival, Toronto, CA
5th Rainbow, Time/Body/Space/Objects, Anthony Greaney Gallery, Boston, MA
4th Rainbow, Rough Trade 2, Defibrilator Gallery, Chicago, IL
COLORS, (6 performances: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) Mobius, Boston, MA (Sandy Huckleberry)
TIME EATERS-CAMOLAND, Together Festival/Amalgamate, Boston, MA (Vela Phelan)
3rd Rainbow, 100 Years (Version #4 Boston) Boston University, Boston, MA

TIME EATERS – RATCHET, Grace Space, Brooklyn, NY (Vela Phelan)
TIME EATERS – Hungry Ghost, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA (Vela Phelan)
Pretty Little Rainbows (b)(1st and 2nd Rainbows), Festival de performances Préavis de désordre Urbain, Marseille, France
Broken (d), Free Clinic #1, Action Bureau, L.A., CA
Expected Outcomes (c), Performer Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany
Broken (c), INTERAKCJE Performance Festival, Poland
Two Clowns and a Death, SMFA, Boston, MA (Julie Andrée T.)
Douglas, Le Lieu, Quebec, Canada
Pretty Little Rainbows, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY
TIME EATERS – COFFIN, MEME Gallery, Cambridge, MA, (Vela Phelan)
Everything and Nothing, ArtRages, Boston, MA
TIME EATERS – WEDGE, FnordBox, Boston, MA, (Vela Phelan)

Very beautiful art show for you, MEME Gallery, Cambridge, MA
broken (b.), Open Art International Performance Festival, Beijing, China
THICK v2, 57 Delle Project Space, Boston, MA
broken (a), Mobius, Boston, MA
Expected Outcomes, National Performance Art Month, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA

Expected Outcomes, Mobius, Boston, MA
Another performance with a sledge hammer, National Review of Live Art, Depicting Action, Glasgow, Scotland
performance…, Mobilize, Mobius, Boston, MA

nothing, for TREMOR4 Festival at Mobius, Boston, MA (Vela Phelan)
THICKv1, LIVE Biennial, Vancouver, B.C.
12 hours, Mobius, Boston, MA
Under Everything, Eventworks, Mass Art, Boston, MA
Everything that lives, sucks. v2, Haunted Cream Egg, Philadelphia, PA

TRAPPED, MIFPA Festival, Boston MA (Vela Phelan)
16 feet, Depicting Action, 18th Street Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Everything that lives, sucks., TEST 10, Piano Factory, Boston, MA
TRAP, at Seconds Festival, Midway Studios, Boston, MA, (Vela Phelan)
Blacken, Oni Gallery, Boston, MA, (Vela Phelan)
Ravine, UC Santa Cruz, CA, (Dillon Paul)

JOBBOX, Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Waterloo Arts Center, Waterloo, Iowa.
Black Chicken BBQ, TEST #8, Parking Lot, (Vela Phelan), Boston, MA
Lightweight, TEST #6, MassArt Squash Courts, Boston, MA

I love you my Polish friend. I hate you, you Polish fuck., Castle of Imagination Festival, Shindler Factory, Krakow, Poland
I win!, Castle of Imagination Festival, Baltic Gallery, Utska, Poland
What’s Broken?, Mobalize performance series, Lowell, MA
High School Was Great!, TEST #2, Boston, MA

Dominate/Heal, Test #1, (Vela Phelan), Boston, MA
Magic Chopping Hummingbird, live sound, Mobius ArtRages, (Vela Phelan), Boston, MA
Pillow Fight 2003, Mobius ArtRages, (Paul Waddell), Boston, MA
Perform, Mobius ArtRages, (Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler, Alice Flaherty, Niall Johnson, Sandy Huckleberry), Boston, MA
Human Shield, live
sound, Thirsty Ear, Cambridge, MA, S.M.F.A., Boston, MA, Middle East,
Cambridge, MA, O’Brien’s Pub, Allston, Ma, (Craig Gaulzetti, Neal
JOBBOX, Magic Chopping Hummingbird, M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition, performance and live sound, Tufts University, Medford, MA
Sniper, Cleveland Performance Festival, Cleveland, OH
Anonymous Target, S.M.F.A., Boston, MA
24 Hours, group performance with Alastair MacLennan, (Dillon Paul, Rose Hill), S.M.F.A., Boston, MA

Sniper Culture, Mobius ArtRages, (Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler, Sandy Huckleberry, Wilder Huckleberry), Boston, MA
Ready? Let’s Go! 1-3, S.M.F.A., Boston, MA
The Naglfar, Mobius ArtRages, (Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler, Sandy Huckleberry, Wilder Huckleberry), Boston, MA

Wrestle, video, Student Annual, S.M.F.A., Boston, MA
The Orange Room, Mobius ArtRages, (Vela Phelan, Sandy Huckleberry), Boston, MA
Everyday, Mobius, (Vela Phelan, Sandy Huckleberry, Matt Briggs), Boston, MA
1984, video, Video Show, S.M.F.A., Boston, MA

Artist Organizations
2010 – present
Co-founder and Artistic Director, Total Art Journal (

2004 – present — on hold
Mobius Artist Group, Boston, MA (

2003 – 2006
TEST Performance, Boston, MA


Exhibitions Curated
ArtRages, Mobius, Boston, Ma
Yard Sale, Mobius, Boston, MA

Contaminate #3, Midway Studios, Boston, MA (Sandy Huckleberry, Phil
Fryer, Sandrine Shaefer, Alice Vogler, Vela Phelan, Dirk Adams)

MIFPA International Performance Festival, Boston MA (Marilyn Arsem, Jed Spear. Milan Kohout, Mary Novotny-Jones)
TEST #10, Boston MA, (Sandy Huckleberry, Helen Pfann, Dirk Adams, Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler)
Contaminate #1, Midway
Studios, Boston, MA, (Paul Waddell, Travis Fuller, Helen Pfann, Sandy
Huckleberry, Alice Vogler, Vela Phelan, Dirk Adams, Phil Fryer, Sandrine
TEST #9, bear cages Franklin Park, Boston, MA, (Sandy Huckleberry, Helen Pfann, Dirk Adams, Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler)

TEST #8, International
Bike, Boston, MA, (Paul Waddell, Travis Fuller, Helen Pfann, Sandy
Huckleberry, Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler, Dirk Adams)
TEST #7, International Bike, Boston, MA, (Paul Waddell, Travis Fuller, Helen Pfann, Sandy Huckleberry)
TEST #6, Mass Art, Boston, MA, (Paul Waddell, Travis Fuller, Helen Pfann, Sandy Huckleberry)

TEST #5, Mass Art, Boston, MA, (Paul Waddell, Travis Fuller, Helen Pfann, Sandy Huckleberry)
Mobius ArtRages, Performances, Music, Event Coordinator, (Sandy Huckleberry, Nancy Adams)


Interview, METAMUZEUM, Art in the Street, volume 1, Artur Tajber


Interview, The Present Tense Archive (, Sandrine Schaefer, Philip Fryer

Scott Cawelti, “Performance artist presents the naked truth”, The Courier, Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa

Marcia Ferguson, “JOBBOX”, review of JOBBOX, performed in September 2003,
Theater Journal, May vol. 56, number 2
Natalie Loveless, Staking Performance Art, Big, Red and Shiny, issue 4.
Natalie Loveless, Between (The Performance and its Remnant), Big, Red and Shiny, issue 2


Artist Talks
SAIC, Chicago, IL

University of Hildesheim, Germany

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA

Museum School, Boston, MA